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25th-Feb-2011 04:25 pmnothing to see here
three of z from the paul&andre opening in hollywood

threeCollapse )

and 12 from either the like's old website or a fanzine they put together forever ago, hotlinked lovingly from my tumblr (let me know if they don't show up and i'll upload them properly)

twelveCollapse )

also, i've opened up posting today so if i miss days (as i do frequently) you guys can post if you'd like. or if you find stuff before i do. it's be moderated, but i approve fast!
20th-Feb-2011 09:38 pmnothing to see here

there are a few more pictures of z in this album, i'm hoping to find fullsizes eventually!
16th-Feb-2011 08:21 pmnothing to see here
3 more of z from the waris <3s you event and 3 of tennessee from cory kennedy's blog

sixCollapse )
14th-Feb-2011 07:01 pmnothing to see here
ten more from the antonoff school dance from the cobrasnake

tenCollapse )
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